Healthy High Protein Breakfast Ideas

Healthy High Protein Breakfast Ideas

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High protein breakfasts are the best way to start your day off right. By consuming protein for breakfast, your body will have enough energy to get you through the day and it will also jump start your metabolism. Protein is a very important part of the food chain and is highly nutritious for a healthy body. Everybody needs protein in their diet on a daily basis to keep the body functioning properly. Or whether to help you meet your fitness or workout goals. Below are some great high protein breakfast ideas to incorporate in your diet.

There are many wonderful options for high protein breakfasts, and they are so easy to make. For people that do not have the time to cook breakfast in the morning, the other option would be some delicious protein shakes which will have the same benefit as eating a high protein meal. Some of the basic breakfast proteins are as follows: any meat (sausage, ham, bacon), eggs, cheese, greek strained yogurt, peanut butter, almonds, cottage cheese, and the list goes on.

You can look here for high fiber foods.

Here I will give some great ideas for a high protein breakfast for you to try. The recipes below I have personally tried and the fuel for the body that comes with them are just so great. First i will start with the breakfast meal options, and these are only a few of the best and then I will get into the protein shakes that are packed with nutrition.


High Protein Breakfast Meals:

1) The good old western omelette with cheese:

This recipe calls for three eggs( one whole egg and two egg whites), ham, peppers, onions, and any cheese your heart desires, I prefer cheddar. This omelette is packed with protein and is so delicious and fast to make.

2) Bacon and eggs:

This is just what it sounds like, cook two eggs to your liking and throw some bacon on the plate, fast easy and packed with protein.

3) Bowl of oatmeal:

Made with water and packed with fruits. This is one of the healthier light options and can give you just enough protein to boost your energy.

4) Bowl of cottage cheese with sliced bananas:

This is so rich in protein and so tasty its just one of those fast grab and go breakfasts that tastes great and is also loaded with protein.

5) Peanut Butter on toast:

Another quick high protein fast go to breakfast food that is full of protein.

6) Poached eggs, with tomato, swiss chard, and chickpeas:

is also a quick and protein full breakfast.

7) Avocado with cottage cheese and tomato, on top of toast:

is another great, satisfying, and quick protein breakfast.

8) Spinach, mushroom, and feta cheese omelette:

made with egg-whites is such a satisfying and filling breakfast option.

9) High protein cereal and milk

You can also buy high protein cereals and just add milk, for a quick and tasty breakfast.

10) Whole grain-fruit and yogurt parfait

You can also make a whole grain-fruit and yogurt parfait. This recipe is great for vegetarians and so healthy.


These are only a few of the high protein breakfast meal ideas. There are many others which we will be updating this page from time to time.

Next up I told you I was going to tell you about some quick and tasty protein shakes that are great for breakfast. This again is only a few of the recipes I have tried and loved.


For these you have to whip out your blender.

1) Almonds, bananas, whole milk, flax seeds ( throw them all in the blender and enjoy!

2) Two cups of water, cashews, some chocolate, and two teaspoons of instant coffee! This is my favorite shake because well face it, in the morning we all need that extra jolt of caffeine

3) One and a half cups water, one chopped green apple, a few almonds, and vanilla extract. This shake is so sweet and tasty you would never know that it was so great for you and full of protein!

4) Banana, strawberry, and milk. A simple yet delicious shake

5) Banana, greek yogurt, one cup milk, and blueberries. This shake will not disappoint.


These are only a few shakes that I have personally tried that are tasty and easy to make. This page also has great shake options, just follow the recipes and you can’t go wrong.



I would like people to be informed about how much protein is a huge part of life. It promotes muscle growth and can strengthen the human body. Breakfast without protein, basically is considered no breakfast at all. First of all, the protein found in basic foods such as lean meats, cheeses, vegetables, and nuts can be added into any breakfast meal to boost energy and metabolism. The protein part of any meal is the filling part, which will hold your hunger for longer periods of time. Protein is key and has been around before our time for a nutritious life balance. We all need protein in our life so why not just make our performance better throughout the day by having it first thing in the morning with a high protein breakfast. Sustain your hunger, and have more energy, eat more protein.


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