Best ab Exercises For Women

Best ab Exercises For Women

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Ab workouts are the secrets to a tight and toned belly. It is easy for some exercises to hit some parts of your stomach but leave out other areas. If your ab workouts include hitting few parts of your belly, then you are likely not to sculpt your core and midsection in the way you want. While we understand it is important to incorporate cardio in your weekly abdominal workout routine, our main focus here is just the abs.

We understand it can be hard to do an exercise after another that is the reason why we went to the advantages of finding the specific practices, which will make it possible for you to have a noticeable difference.


Note: if you want a better outcome, you should combine the abs with healthy eating habits.


The Best ab Exercises For Women

  1. Cable Twist

The core consists of more than your lower and upper abs. It involves every part from the pelvic floor, all the way up through the spine. It mainly stabilizes your spine while the extremities are still in motion.

This move makes you maintain the core stability while still rotating, making your oblique burn more.

You can try the cable twist by standing while the right side is directly facing the cable stack. Make sure you set the cable at the height of your chest; take the handle in your right hand while you left side are clasped on top. Extend your hands at your front. With tight abs, try to twist your torso to the left, make sure all this time your hands are at the center of your chest.

Make sure you complete ten reps on your right side before turning to the left side. On your left side, do the same to complete twenty reps. However, you should be careful not to pull on the cable. If you pull on the cable, you will be doing some shoulder exercises but not stomach exercises.

You should consider doing the exercise if you have a cable machine or a resistance band.


  1. Dead Bug

You need to lie down on your yoga mat while lifting your legs and arms up toward the ceiling. Take a deep breath and then engage your abs. Try to lower the right leg and place your right hand behind your head as you exhale. Try to complete this exercise in 12 reps as you switch your hands and legs.


  1. Plank

Lie on your yoga mat while facing down with your legs extended to the far end of the carpet, the elbows should be bent directly under your shoulders. Try to grasp your hands while still in this position.

Position your feet at a hip-width apart and the elbows at a shoulder-width apart. Brace your abs, then tack your toes to enable you to raise your body, make your arms are still on the ground. Make sure you form a very straight line from your head to your toes. Stay at this position for more than one minute.

plank ab workout
Plank workout. Woman making perfect body with the plank exercise.


  1. Stability Ball Knee Tucks

This exercise works well for your abs and the overall core since you are working on a surface that is not stable.

While trying it out, you should make sure, you place your knees at the center of the stability ball with the hand positioned firmly on the floor. Try to put your body in a plank position to make sure your head, shoulders, and butts are aligned towards the same direction.

To bring your knees forward, try to engage your abs and the hip flexor. Your spine will flex to activate your abs when your knees move forward towards the chest. Hold in that position for one or more seconds, and then return to the normal position. This marks the end of one rep. Try and does more than ten reps in a day.


  1. Superwoman

It works your lower back. Remember it is best to work on all muscle groups in your body. It is best for you to work on your lower end if you have worked on your abs. The exercise does not require any equipment for you to practice.

All you need to do is get on the floor or your yoga mat. Lie while facing towards the floor; stretch your arms over your head together with your feet. Try to lift your chest and your legs the same time, so that your torso and thighs cannot touch the ground. Hold in this position for a minute and then return to the normal position. Try to complete twelve or more reps in this exercise.


One should try to carry out this exercise’s until there is some change in your stomach. There will be no change if you carry out the practice once and expect some variation. You can consider involving a friend who needs the changes to join you in your daily workouts.

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