Ivana Trump Helps Fight Obesity With Italian Diet

Ivana Trump Helps Fight Obesity With Italian Diet

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According to the CDC 0ver 93 million American adults are obese. Its a serious problem for a growing number of Americans. They find it difficult to create a balanced diet and maintain a healthy weight. Ivana Trump, the ex-wife of President Donald Trump, thinks she’s found the solution people with a sweet tooth can embrace. It’s a diet that helps to fight obesity by enabling people to lose weight while eating chocolates, pasta and pizza. It’s called the Italiano Diet. In addition to letting people eat some of the comfort food they love, it also offers several obesity-controlling benefits.

By taking on a widespread problem like obesity that bedevils both children and adults, Ivana Trump is doing her part to improve the health of the average American. Created by Gianluca Mech, the European version of ‘Weight Watchers, the Italiano Diet, which promotes the smart consumption of healthy comfort food, has many satisfied adherents on the European continent. The first lady has partnered with Gianlucha Mech to give the about 40% of Americans struggling with being overweight another eating option in the battle against obesity.

In a recent appearance on Fox Business Ivana Trumps explained the key to this new diet is discipline and eating proper food.

Based on the Mediterranean dietary practices that includes eating foods enriched with natural ingredients and containing herbs which help to aid digestion and help to detoxify the body, the Italiano Diet is more attractive to a growing number of people because it includes a range of meals and snacks that are sweet and salty and include chocolate and pasta. Ivana Trump believes that promoting this obesity fighting diet is very important because half the obese people in the United State are children. If this problem isn’t addressed it could lead to a lifetime of ill-health and suffering.

According to Gianlucha Mech, the products in the Italiano Diet are made with soluble fibers not cereal flours. Soluble fibers don’t add calories when used to make the pasta, pizza, cookies and more that Italians love. And so are very good for people trying to lose weight.

The company’s website has a wide array of great tasting products. Like cookies, chocolate hazelnut spread as well as weight loss kits for prices as low as $6. It was said the cookies only contain 60 calories. While a piece of the chocolate they offer has between 300 to 350 calories.

Earlier this year President Trump said he wanted to use a combination of diet and exercise to lose weight. Sadly, the same cannot be said for the millions of Americans locked in a daily battle with obesity. And the negative impact it can have on their health as well as their personal and professional lives. The Italiano Diet is designed to give them tasty, yet healthy options.

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