Chai Latte Calories and Nutrition Facts

Chai Latte Calories and Nutrition Facts

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Chai tea lattes may seem like a healthy drink. Tea has certainly been proved to have beneficial benefits like antioxidants, while adding a little caffeine to keep you going.

Starbucks chai tea latte is a popular drink for those who want some caffeine with a sweet and spicy twist. It is made with black tea and 2% reduced fat milk (whole milk is 4% fat).

What many customers don’t realize is Starbucks drinks can really pack on the calories and, the sugar. Whether you prefer the coffee based or tea based drinks, think before you drink. While everyone can generally agree they’re delicious, satisfying and certainly addicting, you should check their nutritional information if you need to watch your calorie and sugar intake.

The chai tea lattes at your favorite coffee house are black tea concoctions infused with spices such as cinnamon and clove for a spicy feel. Topped with foamy creamy milk, tea with spices and milk should not be too high in calories, right?

Think again. The short, or 8 ounce smallest size available contains 120 calories, 20 of those calories from fat, 21 grams of sugar, 4 grams of protein and 50 milligrams of caffeine.

The tall 12 ounce size has 190 calories, 30 calories from fat, 32 grams of sugar, 6 grams of protein and 70 milligrams of caffeine. The grande 16 ounce size of the same drink contains 240 calories, 40 calories from fat, 42 grams of sugar, 8 grams of protein and 95 milligrams of caffeine.

The venti chai tea latte is 20 ounces and contains 310 calories, 50 from fat. This size contains a whopping 53 grams of sugar, 120 milligrams of caffeine and 10 grams of protein.

Ordering something with “tea” in the name sounds healthy, but can add a lot of unnecessary sugar and fat. Ordering an unsweetened tea infusion is a healthier choice here adding stevia to sweeten.

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