Quinoa Health Benefits - The Great Supergrain

Quinoa Health Benefits - The Great Supergrain

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Quinoa has its origin in the Andes Mountains of South America. Known as the best and affordable alternative to other grains, indigenous people in this part of the world rely on quinoa for their daily nutrition needs. You will be surprised to hear that quinoa in fact belongs to the same family as the spinach or sugar beet. This means it is not a grain but seed! Some quinoa health benefits are discussed below.


What is in it?

Apart from its origin, there are many surprising benefits of this simple to cultivate complex seed. Quinoa is very rich in the following elements:

  • Fiber
  • Iron
  • Magnesium
  • Manganese
  • Riboflavin
  • Protein

In fact, it contains more than double the amount of fiber and protein found in other grains or most plant-based food. Protein as we all know is vital for many activities that keep us alive and healthy. It is one essential element that helps regulate the body and muscles to give that ‘human’ look. It also helps our immune system build or repair damaged tissues and fight infection to the body’s full potential. What is more, protein gives us the energy that we need on a daily basis.


Plant-based Energy Booster

Unfortunately, many people get their protein from red meat and processed food that tend to be high in bad fats. Little do they know that plant-based protein is safe and healthy for the long run. So, when you need a full amount of protein that matches recommended daily intake and if you are going through the ‘plant-based’ route, quinoa is your best bet. By eating a cup of quinoa, you are not only eating a healthy alternative of protein but getting all the benefits of a non-processed naturally-obtained food item. Also, the good news is that protein that comes from just a single cup of quinoa is more than enough for a day.


Constipation Healer

Quinoa has become a major part of meal for food enthusiasts who advocate on healthy eating. At the heart of healthy choices like this are the health benefits that you receive in the long haul. Eating quinoa on a daily basis means you are also getting enough fiber in your diet. This fiber is natural and unlike what you find in over-the-counter supplements, free of chemicals. But best of all, it will not make you dependable like those supplements.

The naturally occurring fiber in quinoa will keep your digestive system in motion and help prevent constipation. There are cases where quinoa has solved constipation issue without medical intervention such as pills and surgery. In addition, the fiber in quinoa can help manage your blood sugar and lower blood cholesterol. Adequate fiber intake is also associated with low risk of rectal and colon cancers.


Natural Pain Reducer

Quinoa is known to have anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties as well. The irritation, pain and swelling due to certain health conditions are unbearable for some people. Quinoa is used as a natural form of pain reducer since ancient times. Eaten daily, this will treat any untreated mild stiffness of joints and muscles and cause less irritation in the muscles. Some individuals can even have their symptoms disappear completely, such is the power of nature. Medical treatment can usually suppress the symptoms but natural treatment is the best way to go for long term benefits.


For Weight-loss

Reaching a healthy weight is very important to people who are suffering from health conditions related to over-weight. Maintaining a healthy weight means you need to make a few changes here and there such diet, exercise, lifestyle and so on. Now for an important bit of advice: you must decide on what type of food you want to eat and stick to a particular plan. So, why not start with quinoa as an alternative to rice or bread? Yes, quinoa helps lose weight naturally, because it is low in calories yet provide a lot of nutrition that should otherwise come from multiple food source.

With weight lost naturally, you will be able to improve your symptoms, manage blood sugar, have more energy to do things you always wanted to do, feel better about your body and get full control of your health without much effort.



All this may sound simple, but when we are faced with hundreds of food choices, it is often easier to grab something less healthy than to think about what we will eat. So, how to put together a meal that is both tasty and healthy at the same time? The answer is quinoa.

Quinoa can make a meal look attractive as well. After all, we do eat with our eyes! Imagine a charred plate of red meat with a cup of quinoa sprinkled with some herbs and pepper. Which one is more appetizing?


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