New Perks for Apple Watch Workout and Fitness

New Perks for Apple Watch Workout and Fitness

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Five new fitness features that will be available for the Apple Watch in the operating system known as WatchOS 5. In my opinion, having a watch (or other tool) handy when exercising is essential. Bio feedback is essential when exercising! It is important to note that I, myself am a fitness enthusiast. Heart-rate, blood pressure, and total calories burned etc, are all great ways to customize and enhance the exercise experience.


New Features on the Apple Watch (Watch OS 5)

You may be asking yourself if you really need something like the Apple Watch. There are new elements that have nothing to do with fitness, and/or working out. These apps are things like, “walkie talkie apps, Siri shortcuts, and podcast support.” There are also important fitness upgrades that are sure to make exercising more fun, and more personal. In this blog post I am going to share with you five apps… Apps that I believe will make everyone think twice when considering this new Apple Watch and it’s brand new operating system.

App #1: Automatic workout Tracking

In today’s age of technology it is easy to forget just how *smart* our smart devices are becoming… Apple Watch (Watch OS 5)is no exception to being ridiculously smart. You don’t have to do anything… The watch starts tracking your progress when you begin to workout. It even can tell what type of activity you are doing! These activities may include swimming, walking, rowing… Another great feature is that if you forget to start tracking your workout, the watch gives you retro-active credit. So there are no excuses anymore about not being able to properly track your fitness progress… The watch does all of the tracking for you! While it may be intimidating to think that a watch knows exactly what we are doing I find it fascinating. It relaxes me. I look at the advancement of technology as a form of making life easier, and more manageable and look forward to the advent of more intelligent Artificial Intelligence!

App #2: Better Yoga and Hiking

Yoga and Hiking will be more detailed. The new Apple Watch uses new algorithms helping to be more precise when it comes to these types of fitness activities. The article explains that Yoga will be monitored more closely. This means depending on the intensity of your yoga practice, the amount of calories burnt will be different. It’s scary to think that the Apple Watch knows when Yoga is getting intense… For Hikers, account elevation, your location via GPS, heart rate, and of course… distance, will be taken into account. This means that if you hike up or down a mountain, the Apple Watch knows!

App #3: Pro Tools for Runners

For runners, cadence and *rolling mile pace* are added features on the new Apple Watch. Cadence is the number of steps that you take when you are walking or running, and rolling mile pace helps to keep track of previous mile times. I know this will help me with regards to inspiring myself to keep getting better, and improving on my times. I was immediately reminded of the devices professional cyclists use (power meters). The new Apple Watch functions much like a power meter, and I think that is awesome!

App #4: Increased Competition!

Everyone knows that it is more fun to exercise with other people, especially close friends and family! I mean… who doesn’t enjoy a bit of friendly competition every once in a while? Being competitive can help to boost our fitness levels, and inspire us to NOT be the one who is the furthest behind… The new features of this Apple Watch help us to be more fit, by inspiring us to stand out, in a GOOD way to our close friends and family, with improved connection options.

App #5: More Music!

With regards to having more music, and options available what more can be said… Music has the power to inspire us, or to drain us. Music is one of those rare things that can change the entire atmosphere of a workout (or anything really)! Hearing a motivational song whilst struggling to go those last couple of miles is important gosh darn it!

Final Thoughts:

In conclusion, I think that this great article is very informative! It provides a good picture for the curious consumer. Is this watch for you? If you like precise feedback, better music options, and other apps to stay motivated it is worth it to invest in the new Apple Watch. This decision is a subjective one, and while many will be able to do just fine without one, I think I will be adding the new Apple Watch and it’s new OS to my inventory of things to have… As a fitness enthusiast there are just too many things that the new Apple Watch has to offer to pass it up.

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