Kate Middleton’s Post-Pregnancy Weight Loss Tips Revealed

Kate Middleton’s Post-Pregnancy Weight Loss Tips Revealed

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Louise Parker is a fitness trainer that manages a group of about 50 trainers. Although she won’t comment on it, one of her clients was the Duchess of Cambridge who used her services to recover from her first two pregnancies. Below are some of the post-pregnancy weight loss tips and secrets you too can use.

Louise’s Eating Plan

Ms. Parker recommends that new moms begin exercising slowly and work up to more as they feel better. She says “Regular exercise at a moderate pace is better than a once a week workout as hard as possible.” Exercise needs to be a daily thing for her.
She recommends new moms also follow a healthy diet. It is important to follow this diet every day. She has her clients give up any white breads or rolls.

Breakfast should be some whole grains with fruit such as berries. You should include a mid-morning snack of peanut butter and crackers or fresh fruit and cheese. Lunch should be a salad with fruit and nuts, along with a fruit drink. Dinner should be steak or fish and vegetables. Include another snack before bed of a smoothie or juice and rice wafers. Drink lots of water as well. Stay away from diet sodas because they make you want sugar and increase your appetite.

Exercise Hints

During exercise, you should work on strengthen your core and abdominal areas which are weakened by having a baby. Don’t forget to include your chest and shoulder areas, too. These areas will need extra attention until they return to shape.

Glutes Galore … they’re part of your core. For a balanced, tight, injury and niggle free body, you have to engage your glutes. It’s the most common imbalance I see. If not, the larger muscles always take over and we can end up with chunky quads and tight and weak hip flexors. This is my number one tip after 23 years of coaching. I’ll post some moves this week for you. And mine still need constant reminding to fire. #LouiseParkerMethod is all about cardio sculpting – raising your body temperature through classic compound moves with a twist (so you burn fat and tone simultaneously, and avoid the boredom of a treadmill) and alternating between working the delicate muscles that you didn’t know existed – so everything pulls in tight and lean, in the most time efficient way. My classics are in my first book – Louise Parker Method; Lean for Life and we have You Tube content coming your way soon. Bottoms up! . . . #glutes #booty? #leanforlife #louiseparkermethod #bodypositive #cardiosculpt #beachworkout #leanforlife #workoutmotivation

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Overall, the secret to losing pregnancy weight is having a plan and following it. She recommends her ladies give their self a bit of a treat once a week. Otherwise, her ladies stay away from sweets. The main point of the diet and exercise is to get you moving and to feed your stomach five times a day so that you don’t experience hunger that will drive you to eat everything in the kitchen.

Louise Parker’s newest gym is inside Harrod’s of London inside their Wellness Clinic. Ms. Parker wants her clients to set a goal of taking 70,000 steps per week. Walking is a great exercise along with general body toning. She has written several books on how
to stay in shape.

Known as the “Body Sculptor” to her clients in the entertainment fields, she works with many clients who need to stay in shape as part of their job descriptions. Ms. Parker remarks about her famous clients, “It is as hard for them as it is for anyone else to lose weight. Their secret is following the program and doing the work. Performers are heavily critiqued for their appearance everywhere they go. They need a lot of support from the people to keep on top of their routines.

Some of Ms. Parker’s clients are also in the business and political area. These clients need to look their best on camera, but often have only limited time to exercise. Louise handles this by assigning these clients short workouts throughout the day. This reduces her clients stress, and by the end of the day their workouts are complete.

Ms. Parker also tells her clients not to be discouraged if they have days where they miss their exercise or get off the plan. This is part of having a family, she says. She suggests that they simply get back on their schedule as soon as possible. It is not necessary to do double sessions to catch up.

Sculptor of the Elite

The Duchess of Cambridge used her services for the births of Prince George and Princess Charlotte. It is not known if Ms. Parker is still working with Catherine with her third baby. As Ms. Parker says, “Catherine is very good at keeping in shape on her own now.” Currently, Ms. Parker states she is working with many upper-class women to be in great shape for the royal wedding.

Even elite not going to the service are still attending events that are surrounding the big day. Ms. Parker says she has some bets with a few of her clients on it they will fit in their wedding finery. Louise believes they will all fit into their tailored clothes for the big parties of this season.

Hope you learned a few post-pregnancy weight loss tips.

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