Bungee Fitness – What is This Workout all About?

Bungee Fitness – What is This Workout all About?

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Everyone has a go-to routine they rarely miss. I don’t know about other gym enthusiasts, but my new favorite is Bungee Fitness. According to Google, it came in second as one of the most searched for exercises of 2017 and its popularity continues to rise. Treadmills, bikes, and weights all have their place in a gym. But you don’t get that sense of really working out bungee provides.

We already know the benefits of exercise.

Exercise doesn’t have to be boring or repetitious. I’m only one of millions who believes workouts that include a bungee are more challenging than you might think as well as a lot more fun.

The cord itself provides all the resistance you need whatever your level. If you’re ready to accept a new challenge and give it a try read on. Bungee fitness is low-impact and high fun. There are no rules that say you shouldn’t enjoy yourself getting fit.


Bungee Your Way to Health and Fitness

Core and resistance training as well as cardiovascular health are all addressed by attaching a stretchy cord hanging from the ceiling to your waist, and then putting it to use. This reduces the pull of your own body weight and any move you make is that much easier. But at the same time it forces you work for every inch by stretching the bungee to complete a move. It might look like people are hanging from the roof or bouncing off the walls having fun (and they are). But believe me, you work for every bit of it.

If you need an endurance-focused workout, and are bored with all your other choices, this is it. The plan is constant movement against the resistance of the cord and usually begins with lunges, push-ups, squats, etc. Then you move on to more active things like lateral shuffling, jumping or running.

The whole idea of a workout like this is mixing speed with the cord bearing your weight. Doesn’t sound that difficult does it? All you need to do is give it a shot to see how bungee fitness got so popular so fast.


Improve Your Flexibility

The workout does more than burn fat and build muscle. It’s also an excellent, low-impact way to improve a person’s mobility. Some standard routines can be rough on your joints. But when most of your weight is supported from above that’s never a problem with this kind of resistance training.

Sore achy joints aren’t just for the elderly. If you’d rather not have to deal with it in your golden years, now is the time to do something about it. To fully understand how it feels to run up and down a wall as if you had no weight at all, you must try it for yourself. Words just don’t do it justice.


What Are the Actual Benefits of Bungee Fitness Training and Can I Afford It?

Weight loss, increased muscle mass, improved flexibility, healthier joints, and having a lot of fun getting fit aren’t the only benefits of adding it to your workout equipment.

Speaking of equipment, we all know how outrageously expensive anything to do with fitness training can be, especially quality equipment. You can get everything you need to bungee train at home for less than half the price of a decent treadmill. So expense is no reason not to at least give it a try.

Here are a few more reasons to join the millions already having fun with and benefiting from this method of resistance workouts:

  • For A Stronger Core – Want the kind of abs other people wish they had? This is the way to get them because every moment you spend hanging from a cord they work to keep you stabilized.
  • Recovery from An Injury – Your Muscles are stimulated with no pressure on delicate joints. Anyone recovering from an injury or have had joint replacement surgery can really benefit from this kind of a low-impact workout without risk of hurting themselves.
  • Build Strength and Stamina – Working out with a bungee is like you’re suddenly a much lighter person. So you can move faster with less effort and get all the cardio you need.
  • Improved Balance – While you’re busy working your body, your vestibular system is getting a workout too. It’s an easy way to train the brain and body to cooperate with each other and promote better balance.
  • Improved Sense of Humor (good for your mental health) – Let’s face it, when you’re bouncing around like a kid it’s almost impossible not to laugh and smile. Walk away from the cord feeling good about yourself and life in general.
  • Activates all Muscles – Looking for a fitness regime that activates all your muscles at the same time? This workout would certainly help you achieve that goal.

Unfortunately, not every gym is bungee friendly because they don’t have the special anchors installed that are required to handle the cords.

If your gym isn’t up to the challenge you will either need to look around for a place that does have the facilities or, talk to the staff and encourage them to install what you need. You surely won’t be the only one using the equipment, so it would be a plus for them. If you’ve got the space at home, you could set up your own area. But it’s best to learn from a pro before you try bungee fitness on your own.

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