The Best Exercises For Aging Muscles - Anti Aging Exercises

The Best Exercises For Aging Muscles - Anti Aging Exercises

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Aging takes a toll on the cellular level of the body. Severe damage is caused by the older muscles and they do not regenerate at ease. The mitochondria which are responsible for the production of energy reduced in number thereby adding to the weakness. However, the right exercises can eliminate few of these aging effects by the improvement of the cellular health of the muscles, raising the bone density and reduction of the muscle mass loss. So what are the best exercises for aging muscles or anti aging exercises?

We already know how exercise is important for our health.

Thus, these exercises are handpicked to give you a splendid but effective workout session. A combined study published in Cell Metabolism indicates that to undo the damage that has been done to the muscles over years one must engage in High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). In addition to HIIT, you have the option of trying out some other exercises that improve age-related decrease in muscle mitochondria.


Here is a list of the best exercises for aging muscles:

  • HIIT Workouts

High-intensity interval training is considered to be the best exercise for aging muscles. They are designed for strengthening the heart and working the whole of the body without putting additional strain on it. The benefits of the HIIT workouts are not limited to enhancing the strength of heart. It is beneficial in the improvement of declines related to age within the mitochondria of the muscle.

According to researchers at Mayo Clinic, people above 64 years reap significant benefits from High-intensity interval training.

A stationary bike can be used to perform HIIT workouts.

You can start by working out for 20minutes daily.

Apart from conferring a boost to the mitochondrial health, this exercise is also beneficial for weight and fat loss. in HIIT, several large muscles are involved with little rest between the sets, which yield metabolic and benefits.

However, this exercise is not a suitable option for all. You need to consider it prior to diving in with complete force. The extensive workout program can be dangerous for people who are not fit enough for handling the intensity. If you are suffering from orthopedic issues, the HIIT program is certainly not a good idea.


  • Tabata

This is a relatively new form of exercise that was established in The National Institute of Fitness and Sports in Japan by Doctor Izumi Tabata. Usually, this form of strength training is classified as a form of HIIT. Easily identified as ‘hell’ for whatever period one trains, this exercise gets the lungs working overtime.

During exercise, the respiratory process increases. Since the mitochondria are the cell power station, they get more than enough nutrients to create energy-rich molecules for the cell.


  • Weight Training

Weight training can be a great exercise for the aging muscles. It plays an indispensable role in building the muscle mass which is lost with aging. Without intervention, a person lost almost 6% of the muscle mass on an average with every decade after the age of 40. Interventions are necessary as they help in maintaining a healthier weight.

Muscles start gaining a healthier metabolism which is effective in burning additional calories. As you lift heavy weight, you will be strong which let you lift more. This will eventually help in breaking down the muscles at a faster rate.


  • Body Weight Exercise

Body weight exercise is also effective for the aging muscles. They help in the reduction of the risks of the fall with aging. They render protection against osteoporosis. You do not require any other special types of equipment for building bone density.

Some of the prominent bodyweight exercises are inclusive of walking, squats, planks, etc.


  • Swimming

Water workouts are really effective for a wide assortment of reasons. Every major muscle of the human body is worked with swimming. Thus, it is considered to be the perfect option for a combined resistance training and HIIT session as the water offers resistance to workout. It is not a good idea to go for the traditional weight training sessions completely. If you are suffering from pain and looking for an option to avoid it, consider swimming.


Research conducted by Mayo clinic and documented by Gretchen Reynolds for The New York Times indicates that a combination of balanced diet and (HIIT) results in increased resistance whereas balanced diet and lifting weights results in muscle gain and strength. Come to think of it, the increased interest around HIIT is a direct indication of how valuable this type of exercise is. It would appear as if at this rate, almost every type of exercise can be turned into a HIIT. Those sharp and steep pulses that are picked during an intense training session are excellent for the respiratory system and will get the mitochondria working to repair and build up good cells.

Here is the thing, these exercises can be exchanged, or done in moderation, or have the intensity increased. Depending on your strength, built and resistance. Consider the list of selected exercises as a skeletal system to provide direction and guidance and work on a routine for yourself.

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